Leading a session of the Jacksonville Reasoning Labs at a local library, in 2013.

Leading a session of the Jacksonville Reasoning Labs at a local library, in 2013.

I’m an educator and avid question-asker who’s energized by most anything that helps people think and learn better.

My career started in Food Service, where I found I was most drawn to the education component: helping new employees learn the job and expectations, helping customers understand our offerings, and in general helping others (and myself!) think carefully through problems and solutions.

Those interests led me to pursue a Master of Arts in Practical Philosophy & Applied Ethics from the University of North Florida and become a College Instructor and Professional Development Instructor. Helping others hone their thinking, study, and professional skills was– and is!– highly rewarding and educational.

After 10+ years in higher education I sought to apply my knowledge and skills in other areas so I shifted to a training-related position in a Corporate Compliance & Ethics Department, where I was thrilled to discover room– and true hunger, from many directions– for a Socratic (i.e., logic and inquiry-based) approach to training, team building, and program development.

Recently I moved to Ohio for personal reasons; now I seek new opportunities to engage learners, support organizational missions, and motivate shared values.

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  1. Gary George from FSCJ Kent Campus

    I think to much too. Hi Karla. Miss you at Florida State College and tech small talks with you. Words can and do change worlds. I don’t tweet or do face; I just am.

  2. Aw, thanks Gary! I miss you guys too. :(. It was very strange to not take part in the first day of classes this semester. I hope to return to the classroom, and especially FSCJ, Kent campus, someday, if only to teach one class. I love that place! Thanks for taking the time to write me. I hope you have a good semester! Karla

  3. Greetings Ms.Pierce.. Hope all is well with you in North Dixieland-Florida. Travels have taken me far west and north.. Berlin, UK, France, Spain etc.. Stay in touch… un abrazo. -w.c.

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