I discovered my calling in 2002, after signing up for an introductory Philosophy course. In that class I learned there’s an actual science to thinking carefully and logically through big questions and problems. In Philosophy that science falls under the branch called Informal Logic– the branch that covers inductive reasoning, deductive reasoning, and fallacies (errors in reasoning).

At the time I was still working in hospitality; one of my favorite parts of the job was when co-workers and customers brought their problems to me. I liked thinking through those like math problems– no surprise there, math was one of my favorite subjects in high school. No surprise either that Informal Logic and Applied Ethics are my favorite branches of Philosophy.

In 2007 I completed a Master of Arts in Practical Philosophy & Applied Ethics from the University of North Florida (UNF), in Jacksonville, Florida. In 2005 I finished a B.A., Humanities, at Florida International University (FIU) in Miami, Florida. While at UNF I served two years as the Graduate Fellow of Applied Ethics for the UNF Ethics Center.

Since then I’ve continued exploring, creating, and facilitating learning resources and experiences that develop critical thinking, reason-based questioning skills (i.e. Socratic questioning), and the ability to apply those in everyday life.

My professional experience includes 8+ years as a Philosophy Instructor, and 7+ years as a Professional Development Instructor in higher education, corporate, and non-profit settings. Many of the college courses I teach include dual-enrolled high school and middle school students. Occasional forays into substitute teaching further expanded my understanding of critical thinking practice and development in the K-12 arena.

I’m especially energized by learning experiences that are investigative, active, hands-on, collaborative, social, and creative. If you’ve ever heard the sayings “The Sage on the Stage” or “The Guide on the Side”, it’s the latter that best describes my teaching style. I see my teaching role more as the choreographer of learning, than the source of knowledge. Former students would highlight that I tend to answer questions with questions– some of my favorites include: “What led you to that conclusion?” and “How can you find out?”

Currently I live in Columbus, Ohio; I moved here in late 2014. Before that I lived in Florida for 15 years, before that Chicago for 5 years, before that Washington state (which is where I’m from). In my spare time I satisfy my enduring wanderlust by exploring different parts of the city and nearby towns.

This site highlights some of my professional experiences, resources, projects, and interests. Thanks for visiting!

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