Welcome! I’m a lover-of-lifelong-learning who originally hails from Washington state, and currently lives in Jacksonville, Florida. Presently I’m a compliance training specialist with McKesson Medical Surgical. I develop, deliver, and project manage compliance and ethics training, resources, and processes.

Reasoning-lab-march-2014For 6+ years I was an adjunct philosophy instructor, both online and face-to-face; during my full time adjunct years I also served as a professional development and continuing education instructor at FSCJ.

I hold an M.A. in Practical Philosophy & Applied Ethics from the University of North Florida, and a B.A. in Humanities and Philosophy minor from Florida International University.  I encountered my first philosophy class at FIU in Miami; it was love at first sight!  All my life I’d been told I “think too much”; philosophy showed me that can be an asset.

Before completing my undergraduate degree I took courses for personal enrichment at community colleges in Spokane, Seattle, and Chicago.

OneSparkDayVaultMy first career was in hospitality– for about ten years I worked in various cafes and restaurants in Seattle, Chicago, and Miami– including a Haitian restaurant in South Florida. My research project in grad school focused on hospitality ethics…

In my free time I develop and facilitate public workshops that promote critical thinking, and active learning. I also like reading up on talent development topics, walking the many parks & trails that Jacksonville has on offer, volunteering for local organizations, browsing the wonderful Chamblins for books, exploring nearby cities on day trips, attending trivia and improv, and so on.

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  1. Gary George from FSCJ Kent Campus

    I think to much too. Hi Karla. Miss you at Florida State College and tech small talks with you. Words can and do change worlds. I don’t tweet or do face; I just am.

  2. Aw, thanks Gary! I miss you guys too. :(. It was very strange to not take part in the first day of classes this semester. I hope to return to the classroom, and especially FSCJ, Kent campus, someday, if only to teach one class. I love that place! Thanks for taking the time to write me. I hope you have a good semester! Karla

  3. Gary George from FSCJ Kent

    Will visit this blog every so often to see what’s up on your side of the planet. The nerd in me does that. I have no choice. You take care too. :) Gary

  4. That sounds good Gary, I plan on stopping by Kent one day soon to say hi to everyone as well. Have a great semester! Karla

  5. Greetings Ms.Pierce.. Hope all is well with you in North Dixieland-Florida. Travels have taken me far west and north.. Berlin, UK, France, Spain etc.. Stay in touch… un abrazo. -w.c.

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