20130817_171554Welcome! I’m Karla Pierce, an Educator / Trainer / Learning Specialist with 10+ years experience developing and facilitating learning activities and resources that engage and empower adult learners.

I’m especially passionate about helping people creatively and collaboratively hone their ability to reason logically (and civilly!) through high stakes decisions intersecting with ethics, compliance, standards, and values.

Additionally, I have 10+ years experience in hospitality / tourism / food services, where I first learned how to deliver exemplary customer service and facilitate effective co-worker / customer education.

I’m originally from Washington state; I’ve also lived in Illinois and Florida. In November ’14 I moved to Columbus, Ohio. I really like Columbus; it’s highly walkable in the center, full of historical brick buildings, offers tons of restaurants, bars, cafes, parks, and other nooks and crannies, and there’s a quite welcoming and active startup / entrepreneur community in town and in many surrounding communities.


Jacksonville, Florida

Compliance Training Specialist (Jan ’13 – Nov ’14). Developed, facilitated, and project managed compliance training, resources and processes. First at PSS World Medical, then with McKesson Medical Surgical, who acquired PSS in early ’13.

Philosophy Workshops Founder (’11 – ’14). Founded, organized, and facilitated public philosophy workshops that help people creatively and collaboratively hone their ability to reason logically and civilly through high stakes issues and decisions.

Philosophy Instructor, Professional Development Instructor, Course Consultant (’07 – ’13). Adjunct instructor for Florida State College at Jacksonville (FSCJ), Jacksonville University (JU), and the University of North Florida (UNF), and online for several schools outside Jacksonville: Franklin University, Ashford University. Also served as a professional development and continuing education instructor for FSCJ.

Grad Student (’05 – ’07). Graduate student at University of North Florida (UNF), in the Philosophy department. Graduate Fellow with the UNF Ethics Center, two years in a row. Earned an M.A. in Practical Philosophy & Applied Ethics. My graduate research considered intersections between hospitality / tourism and applied ethics.

Miami, Florida

Hospitality, Retail (’00 – ’02). Worked at a Haitian restaurant, a bookstore, an acoustic music cafe, as an artists’ model, and more.

Undergraduate (’02 – ’05). Attended Florida International University (FIU). I encountered my first philosophy class at FIU; it was love at first sight. All my life I’d been told I “think too much”; in philosophy that’s an asset! Completed a B.A. in Humanities, a Philosophy minor, and a Leisure Services Management minor.

Europe & North Africa

Extended Travel (Sept ’99 – March ’00). Backpacked solo for 6 months. Crashed on couches, stayed in youth hostels. See Experience(s) for some pictures.

Spokane, Seattle, Chicago

Hospitality, Student, Urban Explorer (’90 – ’99). Took courses for personal enrichment at community colleges in Spokane, Seattle, Chicago. Worked in hospitality and tourism, and as an artists’ model. Made and sold art and crocheted hats. Experimented with singing and songwriting; played acoustic open mics.

5 thoughts on “Home

  1. I think to much too. Hi Karla. Miss you at Florida State College and tech small talks with you. Words can and do change worlds. I don’t tweet or do face; I just am.

  2. Aw, thanks Gary! I miss you guys too. :(. It was very strange to not take part in the first day of classes this semester. I hope to return to the classroom, and especially FSCJ, Kent campus, someday, if only to teach one class. I love that place! Thanks for taking the time to write me. I hope you have a good semester! Karla

  3. Will visit this blog every so often to see what’s up on your side of the planet. The nerd in me does that. I have no choice. You take care too. :) Gary

  4. Greetings Ms.Pierce.. Hope all is well with you in North Dixieland-Florida. Travels have taken me far west and north.. Berlin, UK, France, Spain etc.. Stay in touch… un abrazo. -w.c.

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